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Becuase of your support the gospel is reaching Israel.

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Today, according to statistics Israelis are spending more time a week surfing the internet than any other country in the world. Per capita, Israel boasts some of the highest numbers of people in the world who own and use computers and smart devices in their daily lives. These facts along with God’s leading has encouraged the development of an internet TV channel known as, “Yeshua Chai TV.” Yeshua Chai is a Hebrew play on words meaning, Yeshua is Alive or Yeshua Live.

The vision for the Yeshua Chai 24/7 internet TV channel was birthed in 2010 from the Revive Israel team as a project to reach the people of Israel with the good news of the Kingdom of God.  This channel is one of our central projects, with a vision to unite the local body in Israel and serve as a dynamic platform for locally created evangelistic productions to bring the truth of Yeshua to all Hebrew speaking Israelis. There are over 6 million Jewish people living in Israel today; 95% of them have never heard the gospel and have never read the New Covenant Scriptures.

“How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?” – Romans 10:14

Over the years many believers both local and international have worked hard to bring the good news of Yeshua to our people, but have still only reached a small percentage of them. Yeshua Chai TV was established to reach a much higher number of our people through media and social networks in order to give them an opportunity to learn more about the truth of eternal life in Yeshua.

The channel was launched on September 21, 2015 and now broadcasts the gospel 24/7 through teaching, documentary films, worship videos, personal testimonies, and explanations about our faith. In addition to the programs that we are producing, our desire is to also provide a platform for all of local Israeli Messianic believers producing high quality evangelistic video materials in Hebrew and in a style that is attractive to young Israelis.

Yeshua Chai TV is aiming to become a well-known channel across Israel in the years to come.  Until then, would you please stand with us in prayer and consider becoming a financial partner? Yeshua Chai TV is a ministry funded by designated donations alone and not by Revive Israel’s general budget.

*Revive Israel does not benefit financially from Yeshua Chai TV, nor advertise within the channel.*

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Sharing the Good News in Israel can be a special challenge. Because of the repeated attempts throughout history to ‘convert’ Jews to Christianity at the expense of their heritage as Jews, and the threat of Islamic extremists, Israelis are understandably cautious and even outright fearful of the intentions of evangelists. Street evangelism can even sometimes provoke a violent response. Despite these challenges, the message of Messiah is going out and the people of Israel are hungry for truth.

We at Revive Israel believe that the kingdom of God is built through personal relationships. This takes place naturally through the daily interaction of believers with their peers in schools, work, market places, and neighborhoods. While sharing our faith is a lifestyle we seek to walk out as a team and as a community, we also have a few of our own evangelistic projects and outreaches.

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