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Revive Israel ministry includes multiple projects and programmes. These we divide into five main categories: apostolic, prophetic, evangelistic, pastoral and teaching (often termed ‘5-fold ministry’). Each main category includes several sub-categories – individual projects and programmes.

Revive Israel team seeks to function as a “five-fold” ministry, each member being trained for the full release of his or her gifts and callings for the purpose of building up and extending the Body of Messiah.

And He Himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers for the equipping of the saints, for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the Body of Messiah… (Ephesians 4:11-12)

We understand that Ephesians 4:11-12 not to be a list of giftings as in Romans 12 or 1 Corinthians 12, but a description of people whose primary calling is found in these ministry areas, which are foundational to the whole Body of Messiah. While each believer operates in various gifts, Ephesians 4:11-12 refers to five specific offices or functions. Holding such an office is not necessarily a direct indication of an individual’s devotion, anointing, or ability, but rather a recognition of the level of gifting and authority God has given them in that sphere.

God’s highest ministry purpose is for these 5 ministers to be working together effectively in a team, characterized by relationships of mutual submission (Eph 5:21).  We are therefore learning the great benefit of this 5-fold ministry teamwork—that no man is sufficient in himself to manifest the fullness of the person of Yeshua represented in these 5 spheres.

Our desire is that the entire Ecclesia (churches and Messianic congregations) can become more and more effective in its calling to manifest these five ministries and so bring the full revelation of Yeshua to this earth.

Finally, about apostolic character, in perhaps the most detailed description of his apostolic ministry in the New Testament, the Apostle Paul clearly states that his ministry is not an invitation to a glamorous lifestyle, or to be highly honoured, but rather to a cross:

For it seems to me that God has put us apostles on display at the end of the procession, like those condemned to die in the arena. We have been made a spectacle to the whole universe, to angels as well as to human beings. We are fools for Christ, but you are so wise in Christ! We are weak, but you are strong! You are honoured, we are dishonoured! To this very hour we go hungry and thirsty, we are in rags, we are brutally treated, we are homeless. 12 We work hard with our own hands. When we are cursed, we bless; when we are persecuted, we endure it; when we are slandered, we answer kindly. We have become the scum of the earth, the garbage of the world—right up to this moment. (1 Corinthians 4:9-13)


By ‘apostolic’ we mean ministry which is pioneering and transformational in nature, operating beyond the local and pastoral, and often: including church planting, raising up teams of multiple ministries, being accompanied by signs, wonders, miracles and deliverance – and typically resulting in persecution.

When the nation of Israel was re-established in 1948, it marked the beginning of a unique period of history in which both national Israel and the international ecclesia (Church) exist simultaneously. Meanwhile, a remnant of Jews, both in Israel and around the world, have come to know Yeshua as our promised Messiah and received the Holy Spirit. At the same time a Spirit-filled remnant within the Church began reconnecting with its roots in God’s covenants with Israel. Today, the coming together of these two groups of people is displaying the Biblical reality of One New Man like never before!

The restoration of the nation of Israel also brought new light to the forgotten, unfulfilled words of the Hebrew prophets concerning the Messiah, the people of Israel, and their place in the Last Days. All around the world, Christians are receiving new revelation and a deeper understanding regarding these mysteries and as a result are looking to connect and even align with Jewish believers in Israel. God is restoring apostolic authority to Israel and connecting it with Gentile (non-Jewish) apostolic leadership, in preparation to welcome the return of the king of Israel, Yeshua, to reign in Jerusalem and over all the nations.

Israel Team Equipping

  • 20 – number of Israel team members equipped for ministry in 2017.
  • 300 – Revive Israel internal intercessory prayer gatherings in 2017.

Central to our team’s training and equipping is extended time spent before the Lord in worship, prayer, ministering to one another and teaching. Daily encountering the love of the Father, the grace of Yeshua and the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit, creates an atmosphere where we can first and foremost grow in God and in the knowledge and practice of His Word.

Team times together also provide opportunity to grow in love and unity. We grow in trust and support for one another, in transparency and mutual accountability. This is so important as we come from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, Jews, Arabs and people of non-Semitic backgrounds.

It is our hope and intention that through this hands-on training, those in our team and community will join the next generation of leaders in Israel in effectively extending the Kingdom of God, and that God will especially raise up apostles to break new ground.

“For out of Zion shall go forth the Torah, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem.” – Isaiah 2:3b

God is bringing about the restoration of the people and nation of Israel, including the Hebrew language and culture. Now, after 2000 years, there are once again native Hebrew speakers reading the Old Testament in its original form and the interconnectedness of the Old and the New Testaments can be seen more clearly than ever – and some of these native Hebrew speakers are part of our team. With all of the nuance and poetry of the Hebrew language, the original context of the Bible has come back to life, with King Yeshua and His capital in Jerusalem a central theme.

While we are living in a time of increased prophetic revelation regarding God’s plan for the last days, there is still much confusion and controversy among the international body of Messiah regarding modern Israel, the role of the Jewish people, the Hebrew roots of the Christian faith, and the One New Man – just to name a few topics.

Short-term Mission Trips

  • 26 – number of short-term mission trips in 2017 impacting the nations with the Gospel of the Kingdom.
  • 18 staff trained in 2017 via short-term intensive mission trip experience.

Each year we are contacted by more and more churches, ministries, and networks looking to Israel for Biblical and prophetic understanding of the fast changing, sometimes distressing and sometimes exciting times we live in. With our Hebrew world view and understanding of the Scriptures, together with living in the context of the Middle East, we feel that a significant part of our calling is to contribute to insight and teaching on these subjects, as we ourselves grow in revelation and understanding.

To this end, we send out team members to teach, pray, and fellowship with other believing communities and churches around the world and also to reach out to the lost. Through these visits we not only seek to share insight and revelation, but also to establish real, lasting relationships. Many such relationships have developed into genuine partnerships that are bearing much fruit for the Kingdom of God.

International Conferences

  • 22 – number of international conferences organised or significantly influenced by Revive Israel in 2017 – building unity and developing understanding of Yeshua’s End Time Plan.

A primary calling of Revive Israel is to make known to Israel and the nations the crucial Biblical revelation we have received concerning Yeshua’s End Time plan, as well as other key teachings, so that the Church will be more fully equipped for the days ahead. The most effective way to communicate such revelation is face-to-face. Our team is limited in the number of small groups we can engage with, but we can meet with many thousands via international conferences and so we make sending small teams to such gatherings a priority. We are privileged to have sent teams to conferences across Asia, Europe, America, Africa and Australasia. Some of these events we have organised ourselves.

International gatherings have enabled us to build personal relationship and deep on-going connection with many key people from different nations, so that we can step forward together in unity and purpose.

International Teams

  • 12 – number of Revive Israel international teams in 2017 on four continents (some emergent) multiplying the work.

Revive Israel has teams in many countries which enable the multiplication of the work around the world. We are very grateful to the team members who mostly volunteer their time, often through personal sacrifice. International teams vary greatly in size and function.
Some are administrative in nature and carry out key organizational activities. Others have staff who are gifted in public ministry. Still other teams are both administrative and public in their function. A major activity which we hugely appreciate is translation of articles, books and video sub-titles.

Supporting Congregation Leaders

  • 20 local congregational leaders supported in 2017 via Asher Intrater’s apostolic leadership group.

Many congregation leaders in Israel bravely operate without the support and encouragement of a wider congregational network. At the same time, they often experience great opposition to their very existence as a Messianic fellowship, let alone to the public preaching of the Gospel. In response to this situation Asher Intrater, who is recognised amongst us as an apostle, provides regular support and encouragement to a group of such leaders who value access to his background and experience. Some, but not all of these congregations and leaders fall under Asher’s direct apostolic leadership – simply meaning that he functions as a leader of a number of leaders in the local area.

The apostle has a passion for the overall picture, to see the whole 5-fold team functioning in its fullness. He often provides spiritual oversight to local congregations and ministries. This role also includes guiding local leadership in areas of vision, goals, accountability and correction.

An apostle tends to be a pioneer, constantly looking to lay apostolic foundations in new territory for the Kingdom of God. He is not a loner, but the 5-fold team leader. Like the Apostle Paul, he has enough of a sense and gifting of the other four ministries that he is able to effectively lead and hold the team together in dynamic unity.

Apostles should be held to the highest level of integrity and mutual accountability with other apostolic leaders walking in a similar level of authority.

Today, much of the Body of Messiah around the world believes that there are no longer such people, that this ministry office was only available in the earliest church. However, just as with the baptism and gifts of the Holy Spirit, Scripture nowhere teaches that God intended these things to be temporary or only relevant to a certain time.

It is of course clear that there is a difference between the Apostles that were commissioned by Yeshua Himself and the apostles of our day. Only the 12 were given the authority to lay the eternal doctrinal foundations for the church, as evidenced by their authoring of the New Testament. This is also why they are honoured by having their names inscribed on the foundations of the New Jerusalem (Rev 21:14)!


By ‘prophetic’ we refer to the communication of God’s heart to His people in supranatural ways, such as impressions, words of knowledge, dreams, visions and His audible voice. We recognise that Old Testament Biblical prophecy is no longer in operation as it conveyed the very words of God Himself, without error. We also recognise that our practice of receiving and communicating the prophetic is in part inaccurate, and even when operating at its most mature retains an element of the human mixed in with divine inspiration. We also use the term ‘prophet’ very carefully, only referring to those who are formally recognised and set apart for this ministry office, in recognition of their maturity in the gift, consistency and accuracy. However, we do not despise the gift of prophecy and seek to grow the gift in the many ‘prophetic people’ amongst us, even if not yet recognized as serving ‘prophets’.    

International Guests

  • 2,000 – number of visitors in 2017 touched by personal prophetic input, teaching, prayer and hospitality.

We warmly welcome visitors from the nations seeking connection not only with the ancient archaeological sites that are found in Israel, but much more so with today’s Messianic believers and other Israelis. Our aims in connecting are:

  1. To fulfil God’s prophetic purpose as we together embody the End Time ‘One New Man’ (Ephesians 2:14-16) of Jews worshipping with non-Jews (Gentiles) from the nations.
  2. To richly bless visitors through our warm welcome.
  3. By providing the opportunity for our visitors to engage in prophetic teaching and ministry which will impact their futures significantly.
  4. To provide a context where the nations can align with God’s ancient covenant people, Israel.
  5. To ‘send’ our visitors back to their nations in the power of the Holy Spirit, just as the early disciples were sent from Jerusalem and Judea to Samaria and the ends of the earth (Acts 1:8).

Our main way of connecting with visitors is through twice weekly morning meetings, where we meet with the Lord together. For those considering visiting we have a Visiting Revive Israel web page which provides clear guidance.

Alignment is about bringing God’s Biblically defined order, priorities and direction into the life of every nation, tribe, tongue, church, ministry and individual. The process is evident throughout Scripture. You can find the relevant Scriptures expounded in Asher Intrater’s recent book, Alignment – to receive a free electronic copy click here.

Revive Israel is increasingly asked by individuals, organisations and congregations how they can ‘align’ with Israel, according to the teaching of the Bible. We see this as a deeply prophetic act – the realignment of the nations to the End Time purposes of God expressed through His people Israel.

Asher Intrater: “A change in identity is occurring in the international Church and in the Messianic remnant. The change is a switch from ‘them’ to ‘us’. It is not ‘you’ but ‘we’. It is a sense of belonging and being part of. This change of identity is to some degree a redefinition of the Ecclesia (or returning to its original definition). The realignment is essentially a change of identity. It is the Church and Israel identifying one with another….…..The Church was always meant to see itself as a spiritual extension of the people of Israel. The Messianic remnant was meant to see the international Ecclesia as its ‘offspring’ or ‘progeny’. Can the Church say, ‘I am part of Israel?’ Can the Messianic remnant say of the Church, ‘You are part of my extended family?’ and ‘I am part of you’? Can we all say we belong to one another? That we are part of the same spiritual family?

God is bringing His people in every part of the world into alignment with His Kingship and Kingdom purposes. He has chosen the future seat of government of the royal Son to be Jerusalem. Every people group is equal before Yeshua, because God “does not show favouritism”, but He does have a divine order to His Kingdom – “first for the Jew, then for the Gentile” – whether that is negative – “trouble and distress” or positive – “honour and peace” (Romans 2:9-11).

To those who enquire about alignment, our answer is that in order to align with the God of Israel, you must align with God’s Biblically defined and Holy Spirit led leadership structures in the land. That leadership is found amongst the remnant of believers who are saved by grace (Romans 11:1-7). We believe that the key to identifying such authority structures within this remnant saved by grace, lies in Ephesians 4:11-16 and 1 Corinthians 12:27-31. Aligning with Israel means aligning with the restored Apostolic 5-fold ministry leadership in the land – apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers.

Revive Israel is one such 5-fold ministry stream in Israel and God is calling many others into this function.

When the apostolic leadership structures of the Ecclesia in the nations are formed and aligned with those in Israel, we begin to see the fullness of the leadership structure of the Kingdom of God. What was two, Jew and non-Jew, has now become manifestly one through the cross – One New Man – according to Ephesians 2:8-22 – a dwelling, ‘built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets’ in which God lives by his Spirit”.

Dan Juster: “the Church has been joined to Israel for the sake of world redemption. They together are the One New Man. Israel is part of the identity of the Church, and the Church is part of the identity of Israel.”

Alignment leads to revival. When that leadership structure of the ‘One New Man’ is fully functioning, the world-wide body of Messiah is ready to impact our lost world and reveal Yeshua. Through them, God’s strategy to win the nations, bring His Kingdom to the earth and drive out the devil are released. This strategy includes a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the earth in signs, wonders, miracles and the salvation of many millions.

“Many people shall come and say, ‘Come, and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob; He will teach us His ways, and we shall walk out His paths…” – Isaiah 2:3a

Prophecy, Prayer and Praise Centre

  • 100 prophecy, prayer, praise and teaching meetings impacting visitors from Israel and the nations.

Guests from Israel and the nations regularly join our core team in our Prophecy, Prayer and Praise center. During these times our team members, community, partners, and guests are trained for Godly service, whether in local congregations and ministries, or in the marketplace.

In an atmosphere of praise and worship, we respond to what the Holy Spirit is doing amongst us. Sometimes we focus on intercession for Israel and the nations. We also grow in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and especially the gift of prophecy – with the solid basis of Biblical truth. God’s revelation allows us to prophecy spiritual truths that effect change in the lives of those present. As we minister to God and each other, we receive revelation as to how to deal with the complexities and challenges of day-to-day roles and also empowerment to fulfil our calling.

Leaders and team members develop their speaking skills, through teaching, testimony, and exhortation.

We place great emphasis on serving and equipping our guests, whether joining for one month or just a day. We repeatedly hear testimonies of visitors experiencing the presence of God during worship and intercession, about the loving community atmosphere, the visible unity and transparency of our team, and the revelation imparted through the teaching. For some, the prophetic words received have changed lives and bear fruit years later. These testimonies confirm what we believe is a core calling as a ministry, to help strengthen and equip Israel and the nations to walk in the fullness of the Holy Spirit and revelation from the Word of God.

New Building Project

  • 1 new building in advanced planning stage to accommodate growth – 2017.

See more details on the Building Project here

New Building ProjectFor 14 years we have managed with a very basic old warehouse and converted shipping containers as our ministry base in Israel, together with a dirt parking lot. We are very grateful to the Lord for these and they have served well. However, very often our Prophecy, Prayer and Praise center is now overflowing, while our offices are increasingly overcrowded.

We have therefore developed plans for a new building to serve the ministry for the coming season.

Annual Events – Feasts and Festivals

  • 4 Israel prophetic events unifying congregations and broadcast to the world.

See more details on Annual Events here.


Sharing the Good News in Israel can be a special challenge. Because of the repeated attempts throughout history to ‘convert’ Jews to Christianity at the expense of our heritage as Jews, and the current threat of Islamic extremists, Israelis can be understandably cautious and even outright fearful of the intentions of evangelists. Street evangelism can even sometimes provoke a violent response. Despite these challenges, the message of our Messiah is going out and the people of Israel are more hungry for the truth than at any other time in the last 2,000 years.

Perhaps even more than most places, it is especially important that we share the Good News through personal relationships. However, Israelis are also one of the most on-line nations on earth and so we also have initiatives where we initially engage people through the internet, and then connect personally if requested. Because many Israelis are not yet ready for public debate about Yeshua, this approach is particularly effective.

Israel is in some ways very diverse and so we focus especially on the needs of specific groups, such as Hebrew or Arabic speakers, who both need to hear in their own language. We also focus on those struggling with drugs and alcohol addiction.

Monthly Evangelism

Each month the Revive Israel team usually spends a day on the streets, sharing the Good News of Yeshua. After spending time before the Lord, asking for guidance and blessing, we go out in pairs or small groups and connect with people who we believe God wants to touch. We focus on blessing them through prayer and bringing prophetic words, or praying for healing. We find that this opens up hearts to discussion and explanation of the person of Yeshua in a culturally sensitive way.

YeshuaChai.tv – Evangelistic TV in Hebrew

  • 24/7 x 365 – Gospel television broadcast in Hebrew in 2017.

The vision of YeshuaChai.tv is to give every Israeli the opportunity to receive the truth of Yeshua in Hebrew. To that end, the TV channel serves as a 24/7 dynamic platform for locally created evangelistic productions, partnering with the wider body of believers in Israel.
To reach the entire nation of Israel via internet TV is a job too big for one organization! Many Israeli congregations and organizations have much to contribute and so it makes sense to work together and create a platform for the entire body of believers. Yeshua Chai TV channel therefore broadcasts programs created by its own production team as well as programs of other Messianic media groups within Israel.

We feature only high-quality content, including testimonies from both Jewish and Arab believers, Messianic music videos, prayer and Sabbath meetings, as well as programs that address justice and humanitarian issues and ‘Hasbara’ (explaining the theological existence of Israel throughout the Bible). Programs source both the Old and New Testament, demonstrating that Yeshua is the Jewish Messiah and clarify long-standing misconceptions among religious Jews about the faith. 

We offer debate by bold and fearless Messianic Jewish scholars and intellectuals proclaiming and proving from Biblical Scriptures, that Yeshua was and is indeed, the awaited Messiah.

We follow up with on-line chat, gifts of Bibles and other literature and channel any who come to faith to local congregations for follow-up and absorption into regular fellowship.

Beit Netanel: Evangelistic Hospitality

Revive Israel Partner Programme.

  • 2,000 approximate number who heard the Gospel in Hebrew via personal hospitality in 2017.

Beit Netanel is the home of Gilad and Rachel and is known in Israel as an open house in where Israelis can hear about Yeshua. The couple hold large numbers of dinners, festivals, and cultural events. Typically, Rachel shares her inspiring testimony and speaks about the Jewishness of Yeshua the Messiah. Guests come from all walks of life – secular, religious, soldiers and even tour-groups.

Rachel and Gilad are always ready to cook and share both hospitality and the Gospel, no matter how many people show up.  Both Jews and Arabs are often found sharing fellowship around their table, united by a hunger to hear the Truth.

Revive Israel provides spiritual covering, sending team members to serve alongside Gilad and Rachel in their outreaches, covering them in prayer and financially supporting the work on a monthly basis. We also take time to minister to the believing and non-believing guests the couple bring to our ministry center.

Rachel Netanel was born and raised in Jerusalem in a religious Jewish family of Moroccan descent. Her family tree goes back to the well-known Rabbi Alkabetz, who helped write the Jewish Siddur (prayer book).  She struggled with an elitist mentality, believing that God only cares for the Jewish people. Eventually she left the religious lifestyle she was raised in, but held onto her faith in God.

In 1994 she was working as a designer when a couple entered her store wanting to buy a carpet for their Messianic synagogue. They shared the Gospel with her and she was immediately drawn to the presence of God in them. She wanted to hear more about their faith and began to develop a relationship with them. She felt a strong attraction towards Messianic Judaism but struggled with accepting Yeshua as the Messiah.

One day, during a time of prayer in a Messianic synagogue, her heart began to soften towards Yeshua. As she read the New Testament, the words seemed to jump off the page, and it was clear to her that Yeshua really was the promised Messiah. She was joyful and angry at the same time thinking, “Why didn’t anyone tell me this before?”

This question stirred in her a passion for evangelism. Rachel had a growing hunger to learn more, so she started attending a bible study taught by Asher Intrater in 1998. Walking to the weekly meetings she would ask people along the way if they wanted to ‘change their life.’ Everyone who answered, ‘yes,’ she would bring to the Bible study.

After realizing her call and gifting in evangelism, she started inviting people to her home for Shabbat dinner. Rachel prepared the meal and Asher shared the gospel. Her home soon turned into a center where 50+ non-believers came to eat and hear the Gospel every Shabbat.

Her ministry quickly caught the attention of both the Muslim and the Orthodox Jewish communities. She became the target of persecution from religious extremists and was forced out of two different homes because they pressured her landlord not to rent to her. Finally, their ministry partners were able to purchase a house for her to continue the outreach events.

One day, after she shared about Yeshua with a family in the neighboring Muslim village, a violent mob retaliated by vandalizing her home and ruining significant parts of the property. The story was even featured on the front page of one of Israel’s largest newspapers. With coverage from newspapers and television stations, her testimony reached tens of thousands of people.

In response to this event, she was asked to do an open house in order to host people interested in hearing about her story.  She was able to share with over 1,000 people, who came in groups of fifty throughout the day.

In 2012 she married Gilad, a believer from Austria, who also has a heart to share the good news with Israelis.

Arab Outreach

Revive Israel Partner Programme.

  • 50,000 approximate number who heard the Gospel in Hebrew via personal hospitality.
  • 15 approximate number of evangelistic videos published per month in 2017 in Arabic, reaching Israeli Arabs via Facebook.

Revive Israel works closely with a Christian Arab team focused on outreach to Muslims, publishing a number of Arabic video messages on a public Facebook page, reaching Muslims; presenting various social and political subjects, and through them a Biblical perspective and message. Examples of these messages are: “The Balfour declaration; Between Truth and Myth”, “Do Not Let Go of Humanity”, “Money, a Great Slave, but a Vicious Master”, “The Capital (Jerusalem) for whom?”. In addition, the team publishes a series entitled; “Renewing the Religious Message”, which is a compelling theme in the Islamic world. They also engage personally with those who are interested in their message.

From 1979, while observing the development of the contentious modern Palestinian narrative, Asher Intrater was a regular attendee of reconciliation meetings between Arabs and Jews. Through this experience, he heard and saw the complexities of what being an Arab Christian in Israel meant. However, after 20 years of such meetings, Asher felt that they were not producing the solution he was seeking. He therefore began to pray with the Revive Israel team, asking the Lord for the way forward.

A few years later, God told us to move from reconciliation to cooperation, and the one thing we could all agree on was evangelism to Muslims.  However, many Christian Arabs struggled with this idea. Their history is one of being on the receiving end of religious violence and persecution at the hands of Muslims. Because of this many are either afraid to share their faith, or even angry about the idea that such people could receive salvation through grace. Despite this, we were able to build strong connections with Arab Christians who had a heart for Muslims and were active in evangelizing them. We began to meet with them, cover them in prayer, and even support them financially.

Then, in 2016, our team joined with the efforts of the Global Gathering movement, which greatly influenced our approach of reconciliation and cooperation – having seen it lead to dramatic breakthrough in relationships in East Asia.  One of the primary leaders of the Global Gathering, an Egyptian Christian, also attracted numerous Arab Christian leaders from the region, some of whom were ready to cooperate with us .

This was a challenging time for all involved. But we came to the following conclusions about the time we live in and what God is calling us to in order to move to a deeper and more intimate level of cooperation:

1. Covenant with Yeshua

This supersedes all other connections from our biological families to our national identities. We must understand that we are spiritual family above all else and that we have already been reconciled through Yeshua’s complete work on the cross.

2.  We are genetically family through Abraham

The split between Arabs and Jews goes all the way back to the split between Abraham’s children, Ishmael and Isaac. This is arguably the first family split in recorded history and is therefore the root of all family splits.

3. We have a joint destiny together

“…and if the root is holy, so are the branches” (Romans 11:16). The reunification of our family through the healing of the root of this split will not only sanctify us, but will also restore our calling as the descendants of Abraham in being a blessing and a light to the nations.

4. Blessing and revival must come to the Arabs first

Ishmael was one of the only three people of the Bible that was given a name by God before he was born. Not only that, but God also blessed him and his father Abraham circumcised him before Isaac was even born! We take from this a pattern, that not only does God want to heal this family split, but He has always had from the very beginning a special plan for the Arab people that chronologically precedes that of the Jewish people. When we began to change our approach and behaviour towards cooperation with our Arab brothers and sisters in the Lord in the light of this revelation, and especially after sharing this with them, they were stunned and humbled! Since then, trust between us has grown significantly and doors for further cooperation have opened.

5. The salvation of the Jewish people will follow

It’s at this point that some might accuse us of changing our Biblical perspective and position regarding Israel and the Jewish people. This is simply not true. Our original understanding and teachings have not changed. God still chose to bring Messiah through Isaac, not Ishmael, and Yeshua’s return is still dependent upon the Jews inviting Him back to Jerusalem to rule and reign over the world. We have simply added to that timeline the prophetic role of the descendants of Ishmael and the part they play in reconciling the family of Abraham as the root of the worldwide body of Messiah.

We believe that in the near future, this subject will grow in importance within the local body of Messiah in Israel, as well as within the international Church. Eventually, it will gain attention from secular media sources and will likely come under attack from both the political left and right, Zionists and Muslims, and even well-meaning Christians. But we have the opportunity now to pray and receive God’s heart for this new revelation and partnership between Messianic Jews and Christian Arabs and what it will mean for the body of Messiah as a whole.



Central to the role of an apostolic center is planting and developing congregations. Although Revive Israel team members belong to many different local congregations, God has used the team to plant or especially help develop three:

Tiferet Yeshua (the glory of Jesus) is in Tel Aviv and focuses on reaching native born Israelis (sabras) in Hebrew. The congregation has a strong local outreach, including a coffee shop ministry, as well as livestream broadcasting of services. Tiferet Yeshua is also extending internationally, with leadership team members ministering overseas for short and extended periods.

Ahavat Yeshua (the love of Jesus) was planted through Revive Israel and is focused on reaching out in Jerusalem. The congregation holds ‘culture nights’ to attract visitors, especially students from the Hebrew University and is very active in the local community. It also partners with Revive Israel in many major events.

Beit HaYeshua – (the house of Jesus/ the Saviour) is a loving, serving and growing congregation. Most of the members have a background in drug or alcohol addiction and found freedom through the ministry of a linked rehabilitation centre. Congregation members are strongly motivated to reach out and serve others.


Revive Israel has special relationship with three congregations:

1. Tiferet Yeshua

Tiferet Yeshua is a Hebrew speaking congregation in Tel Aviv, with the goal to reach Israelis with the good news of our Messiah, Yeshua, and to build a congregation filled with the Love and the Fear of the Lord. We desire to raise up our people as disciples of Yeshua, rooted deeply in His Word and growing in their unique gifting and calling to serve Him by the power of the Holy Spirit. We love Yeshua and look forward to see a revival in Tel Aviv and all of Israel, according to God’s promise that “All Israel shall be saved”! (Romans 11:26)

In 1995 Ari and Shira Sorko-Ram’s burden for reaching native-born Israelis with the Good News of Yeshua was growing. They had planted congregations in the past, but this time, they knew something had to be different. At that time, there were no Spirit-Filled, Hebrew-Speaking only congregations in Israel. Nearly every congregation was multi-lingual. Some didn’t have Hebrew at all. They were convinced that in order to reach Israelis, they would need to return to the language of the people. With that in mind, Tiferet Yeshua was birthed. The Gospel would go forth every week in the language of the Hebrew prophets. Worship would be in Hebrew and preaching would be in Hebrew.

After several years Asher and Betty Intrater and Eddie and Jackie Santoro teamed up with Ari and Shira and the congregation enjoyed unprecedented growth. Many Israelis received Yeshua during that season and many of them are in ministry today all over Israel!

In 2004 Asher and Eddie were sent out to plant a sister congregation in Jerusalem, Ahavat Yeshua (the Love of Yeshua). Other congregations began to also hold Hebrew-only services.

In January 2013, Ari and Shira felt that it was time to release the congregation so they could put all their energies into their ministry, Maoz Israel. They turned to Asher Intrater and Ron Cantor to take the reins of the congregation. For the next three years Ron served as the pastor, supported by Asher’s oversight from Jerusalem and a team of elders.

During this time the congregation began to grow as we built a coffee house, started monthly outreach concerts and invested in our young adults. In May 2016, Ron turned over leadership to Gil Afriat, a native-born Israeli.

For more information please contact: https://www.tiferetyeshua.org/

2. Ahavat Yeshua

Ahavat Yeshua is a Messianic Jewish congregation in the heart of Jerusalem founded in 2006 by Asher and Betty Intrater, Eddie and Jackie Santoro, along with others from the Revive Israel team.

Ahavat Yeshua in Hebrew means “Yeshua’s Love” and it is our desire that His love be the foundation of all that we do, growing in us as we reach maturity. We desire to be a beacon of Yeshua’s love in Jerusalem and touch the hearts of Israelis throughout the city and beyond.

Our vision is to usher Yeshua’s return to reign in Jerusalem by fostering indigenous revival following the pattern given to us in Acts 2 –  the very first congregation of Jewish believers in Yeshua being also in Jerusalem! It was on Shavuot more than 2000 years ago that God first poured out his Holy Spirit on the Apostles. On Shavuot 2006, we started Ahavat Yeshua pursuing His presence in our midst and the manifestation of signs and wonders that would soften hard hearts and draw Israelis to Yeshua as their Messiah.

Like that first Jerusalem congregation so long ago, we have a wonderful mix of Jews from Israel and the nations. We are also blessed with many Gentiles who have come from around the world who regularly attend the congregation and serve faithfully. We have no doubt that the End Time body of Messiah must be Jew and Gentile serving and working together as One New Man.

We are committed to raising up young Israelis who will lead the next generation and lead us into revival and calling for Yeshua’s return.

Groups of up to 8 people are welcome to visit for Shabbat services. Sometimes translation headsets are available for those who book in advance, although there is limited availability. We pray that God would speak to you despite the language barrier and we look forward to connecting with you during our customary fellowship time after the service.

For more information, please contact: http://ahavatyeshuajerusalem.org

3. Beit HaYeshua

Beit Ha’yeshua (The House of Salvation) is a Messianic congregation and rehabilitation center in Jerusalem. It was founded in October 2004, by Tsvi Rendelman, who had a vision to bring the Gospel to those suffering from addiction and spiritual oppression in Israel. He was joined by Roni Rejwan and Oleg Vilensky in establishing Israel’s second Messianic rehabilitation center, the first being in Haifa.

Almost all of Beit Ha’yeshua’s members have received Yeshua as Lord and Savior and have been healed and set free from addiction through the rehabilitation program. The congregation always has a warm and encouraging atmosphere and is constantly growing because of the new believers and members who join through the program.

On average, the rehabilitation program takes about one year to complete and has between 5-15 members at any given time. It includes morning prayer and Bible studies, several hours of daily work, and a commitment to a closed, communal lifestyle without drugs. Initially the rehabilitation center was only for men. However, a women’s rehabilitation program was started with the help of two female volunteers from Russia.

Upon completion of the program, special emphasis is put on maintaining relationship with a local congregation. As such, most graduates attend other Messianic congregations in their hometowns, or stay in Jerusalem and serve at Beit Ha’yeshua. To this end, the ministry also runs two “warm homes”, where graduates of the program can continue to live together and also serve in the congregation, the rehabilitation program, or on the ministry’s evangelism team.

Several times a week this team is sent out from Beit Ha’yeshua to the drug area of downtown Tel Aviv. There they share the hope of Yeshua and either invite people to the rehabilitation program in Jerusalem, or to their partnering charity center in Tel Aviv. This center is run by several congregations, including Beit Ha’yeshua, and provides free hot meals and clothing every day, as well as the love of Yeshua to those on the streets.

For more information, please contact: https://www.reviveisrael.org/projects/congregations/beit-hayeshua/

Beit HaYeshua Drugs and Alcohol Rehabilitation

Revive Israel Partner Programme

  • 15 drug addicts and alcoholics intensively supported and accommodated in 2017.
  • 65% – percent likely still free after 5 years (government success rate after 5 years: 1%)
  • 20 came to faith in Yeshua.

The rehabilitation centre provides 24/7 supported accommodation for those seeking freedom from drug and alcohol addiction. It also provides a holistic, Bible based programme addressing the core inner needs of those struggling with addiction and practical solutions for avoiding return to addiction. Most come to faith in Yeshua who enter the programme and the non-return to addiction rate is, by the grace of God, very high indeed.

Community Support

Revive Israel supports the local community and the activities of national Messianic groups  at our site in Yad HaShmona. We make our premises available to such groups and in some cases also support through funding. These activities include:

  • Children’s groups.
  • Music school.
  • Pilates classes.
  • National leadership group meetings.
  • Worship team practices.
  • Prayer and worship gatherings
  • Congregation and small group meetings.
  • Hospitality meals and events.

Shoresh Discipleship Programme (new in 2018).

Revive Israel together with Partners

Shoresh Discipleship Programme is a Hebrew speaking discipleship programme, based in the central location of Tel Aviv. It provides Bible based teaching, with a focus on the renewing work of the Holy Spirit, practical guidance on using the gifts of the Holy Spirit and also provides understanding of the critical roles of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers.

The programme was established and functions in close partnership with congregations in Haifa and other parts of Israel. Revive Israel helps with administration, teaching and funding of Shoresh. 

Strategic Giving Fund

  • One third of Revive Israel’s general income given away to other projects, programmes and individuals in 2017, building up the Body of Messiah in Israel.
  • Beneficiaries of Revive Israel Strategic Giving Fund in 2017:
      • 7 – congregations impacted and also the Messianic Alliance of Israel.
      • 24 – needy children benefitting from intensive equine therapy.
      • 5 young people’s discipleship organisations.
      • 50,000 Arabs – Muslim evangelism.
      • 17 – needy families.
      • 14 student scholarships.
      • Escape from prostitution.
      • Pro-life.
      • Persecuted believers.
      • Business/ personal loans.
      • Messianic School.

The goal of Strategic Giving is to identify and strengthen believing individuals, organizations and congregations that are advancing the Kingdom of Yeshua in Israel while having a positive and effective impact on Israeli society. We prioritise giving to those who carry a strong witness and testimony for non-believers throughout their local communities and stand as an example to which the rest of the believing body can aspire. We do this with great hope and expectation that these same individuals and organizations will grow to produce even more fruit for the Kingdom of Yeshua and further establish the believing body in Israel.

We support a number individuals, organisations and congregations in several areas, including but not limited to:

  • Organizations that provide discipleship programs, courses, and experiences for teens, soldiers, and young adults. In addition, some of these organizations also put on regular youth groups, camps, and conferences.
  • Congregations – we are committed to regularly supporting a number of congregations in the greater Jerusalem area, Tel Aviv, and Haifa. We also support and participate in the Messianic Jewish Alliance of Israel, a group of pastors and spiritual leaders who gather regularly for prayer and mutual support for the sake of unity through our shared faith in Yeshua.
  • While congregations and conferences greatly strengthen the local body, there are still many other organizations that meet very specific needs. For example, we support organisations that help children from broken homes deal with many psychological and emotional challenges. This has a significant impact on their ability to develop and maintain healthy relationships and do well in school.
  • Dental care is another area of great need, particularly in Israel where dental insurance simply does not exist. Dental care is as expensive as it is important, so we therefore provide funding for a number of special cases every year.
  • We see higher education as critical to the growth of the believing body in Israel. To this end we provide university level scholarships – provided on the condition that should the student drop out or otherwise choose not complete their education, the scholarship would then become a loan. We do this to encourage the students who receive scholarships to invest time and effort into their studies.
  • With regard to social justice, there are few such organizations in Israel that are led by believers and fight for the rights and protection of the unrepresented, the disenfranchised, and the persecuted among us. Therefore, we gladly support organisations that fight for equal representation and religious freedom in Israel.

As a ministry Revive Israel has active relationships with dozens of pastors, spiritual leaders, and other ministries throughout Israel. Through this network of mutually accountable relationships, we can ensure that your contribution will be sent where we believe it will bear the most fruit for the advancement of the Kingdom of Yeshua in Israel. We endeavour to ensure the highest standards of financial integrity in this process.

When the ministry of Revive Israel developed from a small home group to a budding non-profit organization, one of the primary directives the Lord put on our hearts was what we refer to today as “strategic giving.” This concept was born from two observations made from years of serving and supporting the local believing body in Israel:

  1. For many businesses and organizations in Israel, it has become common practice to bend or even break the law in regard to finances. Taxes are high and regulations are stiff, so it is not unusual or unexpected for businesses to look for creative, albeit illegal, ways to avoid additional fees and expenses. For believers striving to conduct their businesses, congregations, and ministries according to Biblical principles, avoiding this pitfall can be very challenging.
  2. In addition, believers from time to time find themselves the victims of religious persecution from Jewish Orthodox (Haredi) anti-missionary organizations. These attacks come in many forms from boycotts, harassment, and protests outside their businesses and homes, to plastering giant brightly coloured posters in the windows of believer-owned businesses, warning Jews to stay away. With a believing population of less than 1% throughout all of Israel, the body of Messiah cannot always rally enough support to keep these businesses open under these conditions.

Since the Aliyah movement began, followed by the re-establishment of the Jewish state of Israel, Christians around the world began to recognize that they were witnessing a fulfilment of prophecy. They also understood through the scriptures God’s heart for His people as well as His desire for the nations to bless Israel. So, they began to send their financial support to various non-believing Jewish organizations throughout Israel, as they were the only ones available at the time.

However, in the last few decades, the body of believers in Israel has grown from a few hundred to many thousands. The number of congregations and ministries has also grown as a result. But still, the large majority of Christian support for Israel continues to go to organizations rooted in secular humanism or Orthodox Judaism, as opposed to the growing remnant of believers in Yeshua who carry Israel’s true spiritual destiny.

As the team prayed about these two challenges facing the growing body of Messiah in Israel, the Lord put it on our heart to be a part of the solution by setting aside 1/3 of all general donations we receive to be strategically sown into the local body of believers. By doing this we not only planned to strengthen the local body, but also to set an example of generosity and support for others to follow, both in Israel and around the world.


Through Revive Israel teaching, we are working hard with God’s help to strengthen the worldwide body of believers so that it will be ready to stand in the Last Days, and also to stand with Israel.

A key priority in our teaching is Biblical balance, but without compromise. We aim to bring the full Word of God: on the one hand without taking unbiblical or extreme positions and on the other without watering down what is clearly written in the Scriptures.

With today’s technology, we have the ability to reach thousands of people at the touch of a button. Through online videos, social media, and livestream we are more connected with the world than ever before. We are investing time, effort, and money to acquire and understand how to best utilize these technologies to further our goal of advancing the kingdom of Yeshua on earth.

Book Publication, Articles and Local Teaching

  • 2 -number of books written in 2017, 1 published (Alignment – Asher Intrater).
  • 100+ – regular teaching articles sent out by email in 2017, focused on Yeshua’s end- time strategy and heart for the nations.

Revive Israel periodically publishes books on a range of subjects to build up and bring revelation to the world-wide body of Messiah. Our most special expertise naturally lies in themes related to God’s plan for Israel, the Jewish people and the End Times, where we seek to bring a balanced and contemporary perspective. We also seek to avoid themes which have already received a lot of attention, so that we do not duplicate.

For many years we have published several weekly teaching articles, which are delivered via email and can be signed up for on this website. These capture the essence of important and contemporary themes facing God’s people, including regional current events from a local and Biblical perspective, God’s End Time plans and purposes for Israel and the nations, and general topics to build up the body of Messiah and invite a prayer response.

Our staff are members of a number of different local congregations and often have opportunity to teach in these, as well as a number of other local contexts, such as with young people or in discipleship training.


Media Studio

Through the generosity of our partners, Revive Israel is provided with quality equipment and a media studio enabling us to broadcast to the world.

Through our regular Revive Live program we are able to interview key figures in the Messianic community and world-wide Church, who are able to speak into contemporary situations affecting us all, from a considered and balanced Biblical stand point.

On-line Teaching

via Face Book, YouTube, Sound Cloud, www.ReviveIsrael.org

  • 32,018 new followers on social media in 2018
  • Over 2 million users have engaged with Revive on Facebook this year
  • 16,908,228 people were reached with Revive Israel’s digital content in 2018
  • 22,834,721 social media impressions in 2018
  • 4,013,950 videos played on social media in 2018
  • 1,649,392 minutes watched on YouTube in 2018

We livestream worship services, teachings and special events, via Face Book, attracting a large and growing audience. These are usually subsequently posted on YouTube, Sound Cloud and www.ReviveIsrael.org, to attract the widest audience possible-  all with the aim of impacting and bringing change to the nations through what God is imparting to us.

Translation of Teachings into Multiple Languages

  • 14 – number of languages teaching translated into in 2017.

A major task each week is the translation of teachings into multiple languages. This is made possible by a team of hard-working and committed volunteers who sacrifice their time and expertise for the sake of the Kingdom.

Some of the smaller language groups in particular have extremely high response rates to these teachings, although in all the languages our tracking shows unusually high ‘click and open’ rates to on-line teaching resources.

Our prayer is that these teachings will extend the Kingdom of God on earth as the Lord brings revelation to hearts and minds, preparing the world-wide Church to stand and serve in the days to come.

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