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Peter and Paul had two complementary but different ministries, one local and the other reaching to the ends of the earth. In common was their Messianic Jewish identity and apostolic commission from Yeshua. Revive Israel and Tikkun follow this same calling: a reawakened both local and international Messianic apostolic calling. Through your partnership with Revive Israel/ Tikkun you are building the Kingdom of God both locally in Israel and throughout the nations. God continues to bless our ministry and is bringing about exciting changes.

New Season

We are therefore delighted to announce that Revive Israel and Tikkun are merging together, headquartered at Yad Hashmona, Jerusalem, Israel. The Lord has long been leading these two complementary ministries closer and closer together for his purposes. The announcement was initially made at the recent Tikkun Conference in Maryland, USA, but we realize some people might not yet have heard this exciting news.

Will you continue to pray for the ministry and its leaders, especially asking for grace, wisdom and unity in the midst of transition, and for the building of a renewed and unified ministry with greater Kingdom impact?

You can also help to bring the ministries of Peter and Paul into unity for this unique period of history by making a gift today to support the future of the ministry.

Your generous gifts will allow for a stronger joint ministry by providing:

  • Professional support to understand and express the ministry’s new identity, vision and mission and to work through all the complex details affecting each department.
  • Additional staff time devoted to change processes.
  • New staff members in place to expand and develop the ministry for the new season.
  • New structures and infrastructure in place to support the expanding ministry.

We are seeking to raise an additional $600,000 USD in 2017. Please join us by making a gift today.

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