Israel the Church and the Last Days

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The Last Days is a topic of great controversy in the Church today. People want to know:

  • Does Israel have a place in the End Times?
  • Is the Kingdom here now, or is it coming in the future, or both?
  • Will the Church escape, take over, or go down in defeat?
  • How are prophetic scriptures being played out in the Middle East?
  • Is there a Millennial Age?

These and many other questions are examined in the light of the ancient Scriptures in Israel, the Church and the Last Days. This book presents a fresh perspective on the last days and the swirl of current events. From the wealth of their own Jewish roots, Asher Intrater and Dan Juster examine end-time prophecy, the Second Coming, the millennium, the Tribulation, rebuilding the temple, plagues, seals, trumpets, and many other end-time issues.



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