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Asher Intrater came to faith in Yeshua in the 1970’s while hiking through Central America, through the witness of local believers. His wife Betty received the Lord as a teenager coming out of high school. Together they realized that instead of turning away from the Jewish heritage they had been raised in, this new faith made them more essentially Jewish at heart than ever before.

In close relationship with other Jewish friends, Dan and Patty Juster, Eitan and Connie Shishkoff, Paul and Luanne Wilbur, David and Emma Rudolph, and Michael Brown, they played a key role in the growth of the early Messianic movement in North America.

After helping in the leadership of Beth Messiah congregation under Dan Juster and later founding El Shaddai Messianic congregation, Asher and Betty moved with their family from the US to Israel. They initially served under existing local ministries, with Yosef Shulam at Netivia congregation and Ilan Zamir at the Messianic Jewish Alliance of Israel. They then served in the leadership team of a congregation in the heart of Tel Aviv, under Ari and Shira Sokoram – Tiferet Yeshua – a truly indigenous expression of the growing Messianic Body during those early years.

Meanwhile, Eitan and Connie Shishkoff also moved to North Israel and much later, Dan and Patty Juster to Jerusalem – together with their families, serving in key Kingdom ministries.

In 2004, a dream came true and the Revive Israel team was established, in a small house in the Judean Hills surrounding Jerusalem. This Hebrew speaking team built a foundation of worship, intercession and prophecy, drawing especially on Acts 1:8: “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

From a small collection of young people with a guitar in a living room, the team grew over the years, and greater vision unfolded. Revive Israel became an ‘apostolic five-fold ministry team’ according to the pattern of Ephesians 4:11-13 – reaching out effectively, both locally and in the nations, with the Gospel of the Kingdom.

In 2006 Revive Israel planted a congregation in Jerusalem, Ahavat Yeshua, with Asher, Betty and Eddie and Jackie Santoro in leadership – with the vision of helping pave the way for Yeshua’s return to the City of the Great King. Meanwhile, various other Revive Israel ministries were birthed, involving intercession, teaching, evangelism, prophecy, financial giving, serving the needy and discipleship.

Today we have a strong Hebrew speaking core team, Jewish, Arab and non-Jew, based in the only Messianic moshav (village) in the world, just outside Jerusalem. We are privileged to see God enlarging the vision, as Revive Israel continues to expand both in Israel and in new countries and languages.

Revive Israel has now handed day-to-day leadership of Revive Israel to a younger generation of leaders. Meanwhile, Tiferet Yeshua and Ahavat Yeshua congregations also have a new generation of leadership.

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