Giving during the Corona Crisis (Covid 18 campaign 2020)

The giving process during the corona crisis and closures was carried out according to criteria set beforehand and the cases were examined by the Giving Committee. The purpose of the process was to give support to those who have been financially affected directly from the crisis.  Layoffs, closure of businesses, significant decrease in income of businesses which resulted in an inability to pay living expenses, education, health and debts were examples or such cases.

The following is a description of some of the cases:

Couple + 13 children (from 19 to 9 months).

Believing and serving the Lord, raising exemplary children. The father is a ceramic artist, with a rather low salary, living modestly. Due to the Corona crisis, his business closed and they found themselves in a very difficult situation.


Donation given: NIS 5,000

Single, 28 years old member of her congregation for 4 years.

From the age of 20 she worked to help the difficult financial situation at home. Due to the parents' mismanagement of money a debt was created which she took on. She works as a teacher-help in a school but do not get a salary during the holidays. She was unable to find a holiday job due to the closures. She asked for help paying off some of the debt in the bank.

Donation given: 3,500 NIS

Single parent + 3 children (12,13,19) and a believer for 18 years.

Over the years she managed financially working as domestic help in a hospital but due to back problems she could not continue and moved to work in nursing care where the salary is lower. During the Corona crisis, working hours decreased significantly, and it became difficult to pay living expenses: mortgages and property taxes.

Donation given: 4,000 NIS

A pastor at an Arabic speaking congregation

appealed to us for support for a woman in their congregation, a former Muslim, mother of 5 children who needed a computer for online studies which she was unable to purchase.

Donation given: 2,500 NIS for the purchase of a computer.

A 23-year-old single man and first-year engineering student

at a university who comes from a large family (14 children). His father is the sole breadwinner in the house and earns a minimum wage which does not allow parents to help with tuition. Due to the Corona crisis, the son was unable to find work, which prevented him from paying for his tuition.

Donation given: 4,000 NIS

Couple + 5 children.

The mother worked until August 2020 in casual jobs but due to the crisis was not able to find any more such jobs. The father had to go into quarantine twice and this significantly reduced their income further. The cost of living went up due to the family being constantly at home (food, electricity, water) preventing them to pay rent and other basic expenses. They have belonged to their congregation for 5 years and have been active in many areas of service..

Donation given: 3,000 NIS

A couple + 4 children

owning a garage whose income has been drastically reduced since the beginning of the Corona crisis. The wife, who assists in a kindergarten, could also work only few hours during that time. The family was in big financial difficulties due to the crisis.

Donation given: 5,000 NIS

A Messianic organization

who trains worship in the body of Messiah through music lessons with various instruments, workshops, praise evenings, musical and visual productions, etc.  The Corona crisis caused a dramatic drop in their revenues. They needed financial assistance that will help them to continue and to settle in a new venue.

Donation given: 5,000 NIS