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We are excited to share a new project developed in cooperation between Revive Israel and Shavei Tsion. Based on Is. 40:31, the goal is to raise up the next generation of leaders in Israel, through discipleship, training and hands-on experience both locally among Israeli communities, and in the nations, in an unprecedented way of combining theological studies and activating the gifts of the Spirit. Including:

  1. Post-military trip for young believers to Norway – to receive refreshment, rest, healing, and personal direction, along with seeing the country, connecting with local believers and developing personal gifts and ministry in congregations.Testimony from Oriyah*: I completed my army service feeling beaten down and disappointed. My army service did not look or feel at all like I imagined it to be. I began with much ambition and vision for success, and in the end was confronted with my weaknesses, struggled to trust others and was questioning my faith.

After hearing about the Eagle Project, I felt this program could help restore me and answer my questions. My first breakthrough came when I was asked to speak to a group of middle schoolers in Norway about Israel. I had never done something like this before and was very insecure. I decided to not back down and during my speech I sensed God giving me the strength to overcome my fear. This experience gave me a boost of confidence. Over the following weeks, I saw how God was using me to bless others, which was something I struggled to see in my army service.

Little by little I found my place in the body and overcame my fears. Being around fellow believers in Yeshua who also had their own doubts and conflicts after their military service, helped me grow in my faith again and restored a right view of my spiritual identity. 

For $1,000 USD you can sponsor and send one young Israeli to Norway for post army rejuvenation! 

  1. “Shoresh” (Roots) training seminar – a 3-month course for personal discipleship and teaching from many Messianic leaders and teachers in Israel. The pilot course this year was very fruitful, with many learning to flow in the gifts of the Spirit for the first time, 12 students graduating, and one of them moving onto get baptized!

Testimony from Yoel*: Course Shoresh was a unique educational experience.  We had a variety of great teachers who really cared about us the students, and were not only focused on dispensing information.  One lesson was focused on the gift of prophecy which included practical application. I volunteered to receive prayer after safe parameters were established regarding potential prophecies from my fellow students.  By the end of the prayer and prophecy time I had received incredible confirmations of my life’s calling. There was no way my fellow students could have known such details unless God had revealed it them – which He had! This experience brought me to tears and I will forever be changed by what God spoke to me that day, even through people who had never prophesied before!

Sponsor one student for $900 USD to receive 2 weekend retreats and 20 training sessions from top Israeli teachers like Asher Intrater, Eitan Shishkof, Dan Juster and others!

  1. Local events – Weekend gatherings of worship, hiking and teachings led by young leaders and their families where they focus on engaging in community life, faith and service.Sponsor one leader or student for $200 USD as they gather four weekends a year for spiritual growth!
  2. Asia Missions trip – the first pilot will be in spring 2019, designed to create an opportunity for young believers to learn leadership, ministry as a team, growing in personal gifts, and cross-cultural understanding of how to represent Israel.Sponsor and send one young Israeli believer for $3,500 USD to give and receive in Asia!

We invite you to sow with us into young Israeli believers as they participate in these programs so they can be firmly established, grow and reach their full potential in the Lord!

*Oriyah and Yoel are not their real names.

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