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April 2021 Edition

The history of the Bible swings at various times in two opposite directions for the nation of Israel: dispersion and regathering...

January 2021 Edition

There is a phenomenon among Orthodox and ultra-Ortho- dox Jews in Israel. A high percentage of them feel like they are dressed in a costume…

October 2020 Edition

Forty years ago, God knit several hearts together. Dan Juster, Asher Intrater, Eitan Shishkoff and Paul Wilbur committed to walk together...

July 2020 Edition

One of my favorite verses is Philippians 3:10. Here Paul is in prison, yet instead of asking God to rescue him from prison he says...

March 2021 Edition

Forty years ago, in 1981, we were brought into each other’s lives, having no way of knowing that we’d become covenant brother...

December 2020 Edition

Where is Justice?
Israeli political spectrum comes together against a congregation…

September 2020 Edition

A friend asked a very timely question online: Would Yeshua and the disciples have worn masks issued by the Roman authorities?

June 2020 Edition

In order to deal with the events before us, we need to have a radical change in our understanding of who Yeshua is. This is what happened to John...

February 2021 Edition

Already in the late 1960s, sociologists and cultural analysts predicted the outcome of our individualistic, corporately driven modern society…

November 2020 Edition

I recently re-discovered this gem in Zechariah, and although some might focus on the obvious blessing contained in the last few words…

August 2020 Edition

As we navigate uncharted waters and weather these storms together, remember we are never alone…

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