Ministry Partner Update: Beit Netanel

Rachel writes: “Recently I prepared a small birthday celebration for 10 secular Israeli women from a kibbutz.  During the party I noticed that they were handing out cards that were supposed to tell the future of the holder of the card, which disturbed me.  I could not hold my tongue, so I told them that these cards are not correct.  Only the Word of God is true.   I passed out cards with scripture verses on them and said, “this is the truth.”   I talked to them about the Lord until the middle of the night. 

The next morning, one of them asked me to explain more about how she can believe in Yeshua.   I sat with her the next morning and told her whatever the Lord placed on my heart.  To my complete and utter joy, this young lady accepted the Lord as her Savior!  Halleluiah!!!   When they left, the rest of the ladies asked if they could come to hear more at another time.

The lady who had received the Lord at the birthday party teaches a course on how to make jewelry from paper mache.  So I went to her course to support her and on the way, I had a car accident.  I wasn’t hurt but my car was damaged to the extent of 27,000 shekels ($7,500 USD).  I was determined not to let this stop me, as I perceived that this was the work of Satan.  When I arrived to the course I told them about my accident and they were all amazed that I not only came to the course but that I had joy!”  

Gilad and Rachel have committed their lives to reaching the lost and are sharing the gospel with hundreds of Israelis every year. Just this last weekend they shared their faith with over 120 not yet believing Israelis in their home. Every week more seeds are sown.

We invite you to sow into their ministry and help them cover the repairs needed for their damaged car. You can give to them through Revive Israel by clicking here! Thank you in advance for your generosity!

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