When the nation of Israel was reformed in 1948, it marked the beginning of a unique period of history in which both ethnic Israel and the international ecclesia (church) exist simultaneously. It has been in this time that a remnant of Jews both in Israel and around the world have come to know Yeshua as their promised Messiah and received the Holy Spirit. At the same time a Spirit-filled remnant within the church began reconnecting with its roots in God’s covenants with Israel. Today, the coming together of these two groups of people is displaying the One New Man like never before!

The restoration of the nation of Israel also brought new light to the forgotten, unfulfilled words of the Hebrew prophets concerning the Messiah, the people of Israel, and their place in the last days. All around the world, Christians are receiving new revelation and a deeper understanding regarding these mysteries and as a result are looking to Jewish believers in Israel to lead the way in these last days. While leaders within the body of believers in Israel do not feel prepared for this responsibility, nor claim to fully understand it, it is clear that God is restoring apostolic authority to Israel in preparation to welcome the return of the king of Israel, Yeshua, to reign in Jerusalem and over all the nations.

Therefore, for us international ministry takes two forms based on Isaiah 2:3.

Local Hospitality

“Many people shall come and say, ‘Come, and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob; He will teach us His ways, and we shall walk out His paths…” – Isaiah 2:3a

Since the reformation of the nation of Israel, more and more believers from around the world have been coming to Israel, Jerusalem specifically, to see not only where the extraordinary events of the scriptures took place throughout biblical history, but the places where prophecy has yet to be fulfilled. Then, over the last decade an even greater development has taken place. The number of Jewish believers in Israel has grown and there is now the saying: “Don’t come just to see the ancient stones, but come to see the living stones as well.” Today there are Israeli ministries, congregations, and home groups all across the country and now believers from all over the world are coming to connect and worship with these “living stones” and Revive Israel is no exception.

Since the vision of Revive Israel is to advance the kingdom of Yeshua in all the earth, we see this as an enormous opportunity. Not only do we desire to worship, study, and fellowship together with our visiting brothers and sisters in the Lord, but we also desire to pray and prophecy over them. As the Spirit leads, we commission our guests and visitors and send them forth from Zion as emissaries of the Gospel of Yeshua to serve in power and advance His kingdom in their home countries. Guests of Revive Israel also get the added blessing of visiting Yad Hashmona, the only Messianic Jewish Moshav (village) in all of Israel. All of this is a unique opportunity to witness and participate in what God is doing within the body of believers in Israel. Currently we receive over 1000 international guests per year to our ministry center.

Short-Term Missions

“For out of Zion shall go forth the Torah, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem.” – Isaiah 2:3b

Along with the restoration of the people and nation of Israel came the restoration of the Hebrew language and culture. Now after 2000 years, there are once again native Hebrew speakers reading the Old Testament in its original form and the interconnectedness of the Old and the New Testaments can be seen more clearly than ever. With all of the nuance and poetry of the Hebrew language, the original context of the Bible has come back to life, with King Yeshua and His capital in Jerusalem at its center.

While we are living in a time of increased prophetic revelation regarding God’s plan for the last days, there is still much confusion and controversy among the international body of Messiah regarding modern Israel, the role of the Jewish people, the Hebrew roots of the Christian faith, and the One New Man just to name a few. With more and more churches, ministries, and networks looking to Israel for answers, together with our Hebrew world view regarding the scriptures, we feel that it is a significant part of our calling to provide insight and teaching on these subjects as we understand them.

To this end, we send out team members to over ten nations a year to teach, pray, and fellowship with other believing communities and churches around the world. Through these visits we not only seek to share insight and revelation, but to establish real, lasting relationships. Many such relationships have developed into real partnerships that are bearing much fruit.


With today’s technology, we also have the ability to reach thousands of people at the touch of a button. Through online videos, social media, and livestream we are more connected with the world than ever before. We are investing time, effort, and money to acquire and understand how to best utilize these technologies to further our goal of advancing the kingdom of Yeshua on earth.

So whether it is through a personal visit or through the internet, we are working hard to develop and nurture an international network within the worldwide body of believers that will be ready to stand together with Israel in the last days.