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It has always been my ambition to preach the gospel where the Messiah was not known. Romans 15:20

Our agenda for reaching out to different nations of the world is one thing only – to help bring revival there through partnership and ministry, as ‘one new man’ in Yeshua (Ephesians 2:14). We want to raise up apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers (Ephesians 4:11-16), anointed to bring transformation to societies and cultures. We want to establish ministry centers as in Israel, equipping believers to go and bear fruit for the Kingdom of God.

One major role of Revive Israel is preparing the global Church to stand steadfast for Yeshua and with Israel through the events of the End Times. Yet, much of the worldwide Church, critically, has hardly begun to understand Yeshua’s plan for Israel and the nations, as revealed in Scripture. We are therefore now targeting some of the less reached and less informed parts of the earth.

There is something in the DNA of apostles like St Paul, which seeks not to build on the work of others, but to reach unreached hearts – hence Project Paul, because that is our desire also.

In recent years much of the Church in East Asia is awakening to God’s End Time paradigm and Revive Israel has played a significant role in that process, through our sending out emissaries to live there and learn languages, build trust and minister; as well as through our local Asian teams, international conferences, translated teachings broadcast on the internet and through receiving many Christian leaders and other guests seeking to align with Israel. We would now like to do the same in other parts of the world.

In Japan one leader at a recent conference stated, “The church of Japan has grown greatly in stature and is ready to impact the nation.” The timing is remarkable, because at the same time the Japanese church is turning to the truth of the One New Man, connection with the Messianic remnant in Israel. In early 2019, Asher and Ariel were privileged to teach at a national gathering of over 600 leaders, representing more than 200 churches.

Unreached Locations

We are now targeting five major new areas of the world/ groups of people: Brazil, Spanish speakers, German speaking countries, Russian speaking countries, and the largest of all sub-Saharan Africa. The table below shows the populations of each group, what we have been doing and what we would like to start doing.

Reach out with us

Please reach out with us in prayer and through financial support:

  • Pray: in each new location for the Lord to raise up ministers of the Gospel with the anointing and grace to impact their nation and with a heart to connect with Israel.
  • Give: please give to the overall costs of Project Paul, with all the new activity, communication, bi-lingual staffing/ salaries, travel, events costs, publications, hardware etc. Nothing is glamorous, costs are kept to the minimum and all gifts are stewarded as to the Lord. For each of the 5 regions we would like to add a second half of 2019 budget of $15,000, a total of $75,000. The project will then require an ongoing annual budget.
Give Now
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