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Support Believing Children of Single-Parent Families in Israel:

This year, 2017, it is our goal to sponsor 40 children of single parent homes and to allow them to experience the healing and empowering effects of equine therapy. Partner with us and together, we can make a difference in this young generation of believers in Israel.

Raised so far:

Sponsor a Child

Yad Hashmona is host to the King David Stables, an independent stable that provides horseback riding lessons and equine therapy sessions. It was here a number of years ago that Revive Israel had it’s own equine therapy experience as a team-building exercise. We learned firsthand how horses not only mirror back our own insecurities, doubts, and lack of self-confidence, but that by working and developing a communicative relationship with them we can acquire the tools to overcome these debilitating mindsets.

Today there are more broken families in this generation than in times past and sadly the body of Messiah is no exception. In Israel, and in many countries around the world, single mothers often take on a second or third job just to make ends meet. Their children spend most of their days in day care, school, with babysitters, and other costly programs so that these mothers have more time for their work, but less time with their children. And yet these children are somehow supposed to develop a healthy identity and a positive sense of self without the guidance of a father while supporting an exhausted mother who needs them as much as they need her. This is where equine therapy can help.

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