Statement of Faith


noun / tiqqūn / תִּיקּוּן Hebrew / pronounced Tee-koon

1. Restoration, renewal, rehabilitation, repair.
2. The cry of the Hebrew prophets for the Messianic age.
3. “Heaven must receive Him, until the time of the restoration (Tikkun) of all the things that God spoke about long ago through the mouth of His holy prophets.” (Acts 3:21)

Tikkun International is a global family of ministries, congregations and leaders, dedicated to the dual restoration of Israel and the Church.

We walk in covenantal relationships and mutual accountability, networking with many ministries, to see Yeshua’s Great commission fulfilled. We purpose to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom both in Israel and to the nations, eagerly looking towards His second coming and the full establishment of the Kingdom.

Tikkun Senior Leadership

The founding fathers of Tikkun were Dan Juster, Eitan Shishkoff, Asher Intrater, Michael Brown, and Paul Wilbur. Don Finto and David Rudolph joined the team shortly thereafter. The fruit of their cooperative teamwork has spread around the world and is now centered in the nation of Israel. Currently, Asher serves as Tikkun’s president and visionary and Ron Cantor serves with him as Tikkun’s CEO, seeking to spread our message through media. Dan (former president), Eitan and Paul and several other ministry team leaders as also serve on the executive team. A group of more than 20 younger leaders are being equipped and empowered to carry on the vision to this next generation. Our model is not to control the congregations that connect to us, but to serve, support and strengthen them through mentoring and advising. The authority within each ministry rests with the local elders.


Executive Team

Dan Juster

Executive Team

Eitan Shishkoff

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Executive Team

Paul Wilbur

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Ron Cantor

Clouds in Sky

We believe...

01.  In the divinity of Yeshua and the absolute authority of Scripture (John 1:1-3).

02.  Jewish believers are still called to live as Jews. This is part of what Paul refers to as “the irrevocable call” (Rom. 11:29).

03.  In the gifts of the Holy Spirit and that they are essential for ministry impact (1 Cor. 12).

04. The Good News must go forth once again from Israel to the Nations (Is. 2:2-4).

05.  Yeshua’s prayer in John 17 for unity among all true believers will come to pass.

06.  God calls leaders to walk together in covenantal relationships of loyalty and integrity (Acts 13:1-3).

07. God calls us to work together in five-fold ministry teams, where all the ministry gifts are expressed: apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher (Ephesians 4:11-13).

What We Do For Tikkun Congregations

and Ministries


Global Messianic Family

Tikkun is a family of over 40 congregations and ministries throughout Israel, the US and other nations.


Messianic Congregation and Ministry Support

We continue to plant and strengthen Messianic congregations in Israel, the US and other nations. We extend long term covenant friendship, financial and moral accountability, and equip leaders and leaders-in-training.


Global Partners

We seek to align ourselves in covenantal relationships with other like-minded, servant-oriented congregational networks throughout Israel and the world.



Tikkun hosts conferences and leadership roundtables, in both Jerusalem and around the world, to foster Israel-Church unity and prophetic alignment. The Tikkun America Restore conference grows in strength, anointing and attendance every year.

What We Do Worldwide


Light For The Nations

In addition to ordaining leaders for Messianic ministry, we send them out to churches and conferences globally to minister on the Jewish Roots of the New Testament, God’s plan for Israel and the Church in these final days, faith for revival and a seek to share a fuller understanding of the kingdom of God in heaven and earth.ld, to foster Israel-Church unity and prophetic alignment. The Tikkun America Restore conference grows in strength, anointing and attendance every year.


Using The Media Tools of This Generation

Through Facebook, YouTube, our websites, printed newsletter and a library of over 30 books of Messianic Jewish theology and the end-times, we seek to spread the message of Yeshua’s kingdom to every sector of society.

The Tikkun Global Family is one part of the multi-faceted, multi-gifted, Messianic remnant in Israel and around the world. We bless and support all of those serving Yeshua faithfully.