Beit Ha’yeshua (The House of Salvation) is a Messianic congregation and rehabilitation center in Jerusalem. It was founded in October 2004, by Zvi Randelman who had a vision to bring the Gospel to those suffering from addiction and spiritual oppression in Israel. He was joined by Roni Rejwan and Oleg Vilinsky in establishing Israel’s second Messianic rehabilitation center, the first being in Haifa.

Almost all of Beit Ha’yeshua’s members have received Yeshua as lord and savior, and have been healed and set free from addiction through the rehabilitation program. The congregation always has a warm and encouraging atmosphere with new believers and members who join through the program.

On average, the rehabilitation program takes about one year to complete and has between 5-15 members at any given time. It includes morning prayer and Bible studies, several hours of daily work, and a commitment to a closed, communal lifestyle without drugs.

Upon completion of the program, special emphasis is put on maintaining relationship with a local congregation. As such, most graduates attend other Messianic congregations in their hometowns, or stay in Jerusalem and serve at Beit Ha’yeshua. To this end, the ministry also runs a rehab center and a “warm home”, where graduates of the program can continue to live together, and begin to minister themselves by serving in the congregation, the rehabilitation program, or on the ministry’s evangelism team. Each week, this team is sent out from Beit Ha’yeshua to the drug marketplace on the streets of downtown Tel Aviv and downtown Jerusalem. There they share the hope of Yeshua and either invite people to the rehabilitation program in Jerusalem, or to their partnering charity center in Tel Aviv. This center is run by several congregations, including Beit Ha’yeshua, and provides free hot meals and clothing every day, as well as the love of Yeshua to those on the streets.

Roni and Oleg are now co-pastoring Beit Ha’yeshua, with Oleg directing the rehabilitation program. The congregation’s previous name, Yeshuat Israel (The Salvation of Israel), was changed to Beit Ha’yeshua (The House of Salvation), unifying the congregation and the rehabilitation program into one ministry.

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