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Healing Father Wounds

This week, we had a time of discussion and prayer with the men on our team in which we realized that many of the issues we seem to be struggling with in the ministry organization, the congregations, and our decision making processes, had nothing to do with what seemed to be the obvious issue. It all had to do with one another's relationships with our dads.

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Phobeo: Fear of the Lord

There are two words in Hebrew used for "fear": Pakhad – פחד – is fear in general. Yir'ah – יראה – is more a reverential fear associated with authority, power, and holiness. We are not afraid of God as if He were evil. God is good. He loves us. We do not suffer from insecurity, nor lack of confidence, nor fear of rejection, nor self-condemnation. We are totally accepted in His love. Let's find this beautiful balance.

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Fruit of Self Control

How we love the fruit of the spirit! – love and joy and all that good stuff. It is the very personality of God within us. There's one fruit of the spirit at the end that seems to be less talked about: self-control. We could call it the Final Fruit.  The fruit of the spirit [...]

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Integridade Apostólica e Autenticidade em Israel

Estamos testemunhando a restauração do ministério apostólico e profético no corpo do Messias ao redor do mundo em nossa geração (Efésios 4.11-13). Pouco a pouco o ministério apostólico e profético também está sendo restaurado dentro do remanescente local em Israel. Muito do que é chamado de apostólico ou profético é inflado ou falso [...]

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Apostolic Integrity and Authenticity in Israel

In our generation we are witnessing the restoration of apostolic and prophetic ministry (Ephesians 4:11-13) in the body of Messiah worldwide. Little by little, apostolic and prophetic ministry is also being restored within the local remnant in Israel. Much of what is called apostolic or prophetic is inflated or phony. And much of what would [...]

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Dispersando as Ovelhas?

Uma das maravilhosas graças que recebemos através de Yeshua, juntamente com o perdão dos pecados, vida eterna e a presença Shekhina do Espírito Santo, é o poder e a autoridade para curar os enfermos e expulsar demônios. Embora a expulsão de demônios seja retratada no mundo do entretenimento com [...]

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Scattering the sheep?

One of the amazing graces we receive from God through Yeshua, along with forgiveness of sins, eternal life and the Shekhina presence of the Holy Spirit, is the power and authority to heal the sick and cast out demons. Although casting out demons is portrayed in the entertainment world as some kind of weird, insidious, [...]

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