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822 Review and update

Zechariah 8:22 promises that the day will come when many peoples and mighty nations will come to seek the Lord of hosts in Jerusalem.  As believers living in Jerusalem, we are privileged to see this Scripture being fulfilled on a daily basis, as believers from all over the world come up to the “city of the Great King” to pray, worship, study, and hold conferences. 

Last week our team was blessed to be part of a large conference (3400 people!), the “822Call,” or “Gathering,” which took place at the International Convention Center (ICC) in Jerusalem.  This conference was unique in many ways: 

  1. There were representatives from at least 20 nations, but the majority, about 2000, were from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc.  Everything was conducted from the front in both English and Chinese. 
  2. There were no official speakers or preachers lined up for the conference; no faces of famous leaders on the pamphlet or web site; and there was little explicit teaching done from a pulpit.  Instead, the emphasis at each of the 10 sessions was on praise, worship, dance, and celebration in a family-like atmosphere.  Beyond this, the content of each session was more or less decided in a leader’s meeting immediately before each session.
  3. The leader of this movement is a Canadian named David Demian.  David has a strong prophetic gift, which the Lord is using to stir repentance, reconciliation, and unity among the nations.  From his work in Canada, David is known as a friend of Israel and the Jewish people; on the other hand, he is a native Egyptian and Arabic speaker! What’s more, the Lord has been using him over the last several years as a catalyst to bring unity in the Chinese Church!  As such, David was uniquely positioned to bring together a significant core of both Jewish and Arab leaders of the Body in Israel, with this great remnant from China. 
  4. David and his international leadership team invested a great deal of time and energy in building bridges to the local leadership: he and/or members of this team came to Israel at least 5 times since September, 2013.  This helped to foster unity and the family like feeling at the conference.

So, what happened, other than lots of praise and worship?  There was much testimony from different nations; there were “prophetic acts,” statements of unity, and the like.  For us, the most significant thing actually took place at one of the preparatory meetings of about 50 leaders that took place over a month ago.  There, the Holy Spirit moved in a surprising way to bring about a time of reconciliation and covenant between Jew & Arab—to a depth and intensity that we have rarely seen, despite participating in many reconciliation meetings over the years. 

As a result, the stage had already been set for what happened on Wednesday morning (you can see the video at: with repentance on our part, and then a declaration of the One New Man (Eph 2&3); the grafting into the Olive Tree of Romans 11, and the release of the covenant blessings of Romans 9:4-5.  I hope you’ll be able to watch some of the videos—but remember, with these kinds of prayers and prophetic acts there is always an element of “you have to be there.”  Different from the teaching ministry, this work of the Holy Spirit almost requires one to be present to experience the power of it.

Blumenthal's to China

In a significant step for our team in our desire to build bridges between Israel and the nations, this coming week we will send out one of our core families to China for the next 1.5-2 years.  Ariel and Vered Blumenthal and their two young children have a special call to the Far East: Ariel came to faith in 1992 in Japan and speaks Japanese fluently.  Since he made Aliyah to Jerusalem in 1998, the Lord has been guiding him to China as well. 

Over the last few years, he began a Masters’ degree at Hebrew University in China studies, with a particular focus on the Back to Jerusalem movement in the modern Chinese church.  As witnessed by the 822 Conference, the Chinese are coming to Jerusalem, in greater and greater numbers!  As Ariel continues his studies there, the Blumenthals will be building relationships with many Christian groups there.   

From Nov 25-Dec 7, they will be in Japan, speaking at several churches and one historic and strategic conference of Japanese, Koreans, and Chinese from Dec 1-3 in Miyazaki.  They will finally enter Xi’an, China on Dec 8.  This is where they will make their home for the near future.  Please pray for them: strength, wisdom, health, language acquisition, etc. etc.  If you are interested in following their prayer blog, please send a short email introducing yourself to Ariel at [email protected] and he will send you an invitation.

Links for Chopstick Revival Conference in Miyazaki:;;


Please PRAY for our ongoing ministry in Israel of indigenous evangelism, planting Messianic congregations, the discipleship training center, prophetic praise and prayer watches in Hebrew, and financial aid for the needy.