Ahavat Yeshua is a Messianic Jewish congregation in the heart of Jerusalem founded in 2006 by Asher and Betty Intrater, Eddie and Jackie Santoro along with others from their Revive Israel team.

Ahavat Yeshua in Hebrew means the “Yeshua’s Love” and it is our desire that His love be the foundation of all that we do, and to see His love increasingly manifested as the congregation grows in members and maturity. We desire to be a beacon of Yeshua’s love in Jerusalem and touch the hearts of Israelis throughout the city and beyond.

Our vision is to usher Yeshua’s return to reign in Jerusalem by fostering indigenous revival following the pattern given to us in Acts 2– the very first congregation of Jewish believers in Yeshua in Jerusalem! It was on Shavuot more than 2000 years ago that God first poured out his Holy Spirit on the Apostles. We understood that apart from that same powerful presence of God’s Spirit, we would never be able to achieve God’s end time purposes for Jerusalem. Therefore on Shavuot 2006, we started Ahavat Yeshua pursuing His presence in our midst and the manifestation of signs and wonders that would soften hard hearts and draw Israelis in to be able to recognize that Yeshua as their Messiah. Ten years later we are still passionately pursuing the presence of God in all of our meetings and are pleased to report that the gifts of the Holy Spirit increasing among us.

Like that first Jerusalem congregation so long ago, we have a wonderful mix of Jews from Israel and the nations. We are also blessed with many Gentiles who have come from around the world who regularly attend the congregation and serve faithfully. We have no doubt that the End Time body of Messiah must be Jew and Gentile serving and working together as one New Man.

We are committed to raising up young Israelis who will lead the next generation and lead us into revival and calling for Yeshua’s return.

Acts 2 also demonstrates for us that congregational life cannot be centered on a weekly meeting. Instead it must be more like a family whose members take part in one another’s lives, serving one another in love. In order to meet this standard, we are committed to the continuing development of home groups. These smaller meetings allow closer, more intimate relationships to be established as they worship and pray, share struggles and victories, and study the Word together.

You are encouraged to come and visit us whether you are living in Israel or just visiting. We meet on Shabbat morning at 11 and the meeting is conducted in Hebrew.

Please note that groups must be limited to no more than 8 people. For groups of 9 or more, you are welcome to visit Revive Israel during their worship times. Translation is provided primarily for congregational members.  If you have a relationship with one of our congregational members please request from them to apply for translation for you. Translation sets are very limited so we regret if there are not enough sets to provide for you.  We pray that God would speak to you despite the language barrier and we look forward to connecting with you during our customary fellowship time after the service.

For more information, please contact: mazkira@ahavatyeshua.co.il

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As an apostolic team in constant training, one of our primary goals is to equip and strengthen our staff for service and leadership in local congregations. In fact, within our core team of around 20 people we represent 7 local congregations in the Jerusalem area alone. Therefore a major function of Revive Israel is to serve as a central connecting point for encouraging inter-congregational relationships and cooperation. Revive Israel currently strongly Serve, strengthen and support 3 congregations: Ahavat Yeshua (The Love of Jesus), Tiferet Yeshua (The Glory of Jesus), and Beit HaYeshu’a (The House of Salvation).