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The Prophetic History of Secular Israeli Leaders – Part 3

///The Prophetic History of Secular Israeli Leaders – Part 3

The Prophetic History of Secular Israeli Leaders – Part 3

(7) Confrontation of the Nations
Binyamin Netanyahu, our Prime Minister, goes to the United Nations and confronts them, unlike any other world leader I’ve seen. He tells the UN that they are making decisions against the Land and people of Israel, even though we have a mandate from God to be here. He quotes the Bible and he rebukes them for immorality and humanistic thinking, boldly confronting the nations of this world.

There is something about the nation of Israel and its very existence that is in confrontation with the UN. I believe we are going to begin to confront the nations of the world with the truth of God. This is one aspect of Israel’s calling, and now that the body of Messiah is connected to Israel, we have a prophetic message to give to the world.

(8) Exposing Radical Islam
Netanyahu–more than any other world leader today– understands that radical Islamic terrorism is the worst evil this world has ever seen, and we need to fight it. People are being murdered at an unprecedented rate and nobody is really fighting it other than Israel. There is an alignment coming out of the nation of Israel, and you have the choice either to succumb to radical Islam or to fight against it. The church doesn’t necessarily need to take up weapons. But it needs to be able to speak the truth and call it what it is: a murderous, Anti-Christ spirit. When you send people all over the world to murder everyone who disagrees with you, you are breaking the Ten Commandments. That cannot be the God of Israel and we need to actively oppose it.

(9) Establishment of the Throne of David
In Hebrew, there is no word for prime minister. Instead, he is the head of the government of Israel. Do you remember all the prophecies about Yeshua when He was born? He would sit on the throne of David and rule over the tribes of Jacob. When Yeshua comes back, he will sit on David’s throne and rule the world from David’s throne forever.

What is a throne? A throne is a chair. The prime minister has a chair that represents the government of Israel, the authority of David being restored in the land of Israel. Right now, Netanyahu as the prime minister of Israel sits in that chair. I’m not saying Netanyahu is the Messiah. I’m not even saying he’s born again. But positionally, structurally, authoritatively he sits in the position of the throne of David.

We believe in a literal fulfillment of the prophecies of the kingdom of God coming on earth. But until there was modern Israel and a government in Israel, how could you believe these prophecies? For 2,000 years much of the church did not really believe in the second coming, but instead in the second appearance. They believed that Yeshua is going to appear, come half way down, rapture away His bride, and then leave again! But the Bible says He comes back once– all the way back to the Mt. of Olives! The fact that we have a nation here with a government, and its capital in Jerusalem, Yeshua can now is return and reign over the earth from Jerusalem.

(10) Physically inheriting the Land
Lastly, one of the things that the head of the Israeli government does is to guarantee that we can live here and settle in the Land: that we have the right establish homes, build farms, have an economy, and raise our children. It is amazing how much this idea is hated by so many around the world.

Does the Bible say that when Yeshua comes back the saints will inherit the earth? (Matt. 5:5) The way God promises that His kingdom will come to this earth is through promising it to the Jewish people, in the Land of Israel. If it doesn’t happen here, it can’t happen on the rest of the earth. However, the fact that Jewish people are living here is a sure sign that Yeshua is coming and we will inherit the earth.
The majority of Christians have misbelieved for the last 2,000 years that we will live for eternity in heaven leaving the earth to the Anti-Christ, without a physical resurrection. That’s all wrong teaching. But if the Jewish people never come back to the Land of Israel, then that would probably be true. The covenant rights of the Jewish people to live in Israel guarantee the rights of Christians to inherit their own land and nation.

If you missed it, be sure to catch up on Part 2 from last week and watch the video!

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  1. nancileecraig October 11, 2016 at 03:17

    Thank you for responding ….I suppose Jesus’ words “if you are ashamed of me before men I will be ashamed of you before my Father” although I don’t live in Israel I love her none the less and can testify that he is born again! I can also say that “nobody is really fighting it (radical Islamic terrorism) other than Israel” is just NOT true and I ask that you would please check for truth before printing such a horrible statement! my heart is grieved!

  2. nancileecraig October 9, 2016 at 05:27

    I am so upset! Why would you insinuate that Binyamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel isn’t born again? He is and very so! I would think this is something you would state?! Is it shameful or something to keep hidden?
    Longing to Understand….please explain!

    • Andrew October 9, 2016 at 11:31

      Shalom nancileecraig!

      I am sorry that you were upset by our post, but we were not intending to insinuate whether Netanyahu is born again or not. Considering the prophetic comparison between the seat of the modern government of Israel and the throne of David (which is reserved for Yeshua alone) has complex implications and produces many disagreements. With that said, while Asher claims that this comparison is meaningful and provides us prophetic insight as believers, at the same time he did not want to insinuate that Netanyahu himself is some kind of Messianic figure. It is not Netanyahu that is the focal point of the argument, but rather the position he holds. Therefore whether he is a believer or not is more or less irrelevant to his point.

      In regards to Netanyahu’s personal faith, we do not know whether or not he is a born again believer. To our knowledge he has made no such claim. If he did, we expect that much of the country would dismiss him, consider him to no longer be a Jew but a Christian (a very common if not the default position in Israel regarding conversion), and he would no longer be able to gain enough support to build a coalition.

      We do know that his administration and political allies continually support government offices, court judges, and other religious Israeli organizations that actively persecute Messianic Jews by preventing them from making Aliyah, illegally attempting to deny them citizenship through inter-marriage, interfering with their businesses and even protesting outside their homes. Yes, he is known for extending his hand in friendship to many influential international Christian leaders (and by extension Christians all around the world) –let’s face it, in an anti-Semitic world, we need all the allies we can get!– but turns a blind eye to the Israeli Jewish believers in his own country who have no representation in the government and are regularly being denied their rights as citizens and in some cases even their heritage as Jews. For us, Netanyahu is a career politician and we therefore expect him to say and do whatever will garner him the most support regardless of where that support comes from.

      We try not to get to much into politics in our ministry, but this particular post touches some of these complexities. I encourage you not to take my word for it, but to pray about what I shared and hear the Lord’s heart on this issue for yourself. Israel is a complex place and even among the minority of believers that live here, there are many different opinions and perspectives on this topic.

      Blessings and love to you from myself and the Revive Israel media team!

  3. errolf October 8, 2016 at 00:49

    This summary is so accurate dismissing such ideas that the final judgement will be at the gates of heaven, or that Christ retrained spiritually on the day of Pentecost and will not came again physically. Also Isaiah 42:6 says Israel will be a light to the gentiles, in Christ and the gospel that is partly fulfilled, but the whole nation still has a role to be a light in darkness and tell the truth about Messiah and the opposition .

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