Joint Destiny of Arab Christians and Messianic Jews (Part 2)

A Personal Perspective – Asher Intrater In 2015, the Global Gathering took place in Munich, at the very stadium where Israeli athletes where murdered in the 1972 Olympics. After several days of worship, intercession, prayer and fellowship, the Arab and Jewish brothers and sisters again came up to the stage [...]

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Prioritizing the Conditions of Jesus’ Return

There will be many signs that we are in the very last days just before Yeshua returns, but the Lord also gave two primary conditions that must be met before He can return. One, a significant, believing remnant among the Jewish people in the city of Jerusalem must put their faith in Him and welcome Him to come and rule as their King. Two, the good news of the kingdom needs to be preached to every people group on the planet.

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Interdependent End Time Generation

The promise of the Holy Spirit being poured out on all flesh before Yeshua's return should bring us much hope as we see darkness increasing in the earth. Will the Spirit be poured out suddenly like in Acts 2, but this time all over the earth? Or will it be gradually poured out at different times and places? I believe both will happen...

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Double Meaning of Salvation

The two different aspects of "salvation" may very well come together in the last months before the coming of Yeshua. The knowledge of Yeshua will grow, and the urgency of a divine military intervention for Israel will grow. All of the prophecies concerning the second coming of Yeshua point to both a spiritual revival and a military intervention. "All Israel will be saved" in both meanings of the word...

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