Timing of the Rapture

Yeshua's foundational teaching on the end times is found in all three synoptic gospels (Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21). He summarizes and interprets the teachings of all the Israelite Prophets. The Apostles based their writings on the subject from what Yeshua taught. In Matthew 24, Yeshua spoke twice (v. [...]

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Ruth Ecclesiology and Esther Eschatology (Part II)

The books of Ruth and Esther describe real historic events, but may also be seen as parables with prophetic meaning. Ruth contains a message about the relationship between Israel and the Church. This is what we call "Ruth Ecclesiology." In a similar fashion, the book of Esther contains a message about the End Times. We call this: "Esther Eschatology."

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Ruth Ecclesiology and Esther Eschatology (Part I)

The emergence of the underground church of China over the last 30 years has dramatically changed the composition and make-up of the international ecclesia: their large numbers, experience with persecution, faith in supernatural intervention, oriental history, emphasis on house churches, and the "back to Jerusalem" vision.  Because of their "family-ancestor" [...]

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Prioritizing the Conditions of Jesus’ Return

There will be many signs that we are in the very last days just before Yeshua returns, but the Lord also gave two primary conditions that must be met before He can return. One, a significant, believing remnant among the Jewish people in the city of Jerusalem must put their faith in Him and welcome Him to come and rule as their King. Two, the good news of the kingdom needs to be preached to every people group on the planet.

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