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Apostolic Integrity and Authenticity in Israel

In our generation we are witnessing the restoration of apostolic and prophetic ministry (Ephesians 4:11-13) in the body of Messiah worldwide. Little by little, apostolic and prophetic ministry is also being restored within the local remnant in Israel. Much of what is called apostolic or prophetic is inflated or phony. And much of what would [...]

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Apostle in Original Context (Part 2)

Read part 1 - HERE! Over the last 50 years, there has been an acceleration in the restoring of apostolic and prophetic leadership to the body of Messiah around the world. There are many spiritual principles we can glean from the original meaning of "apostle" which will clarify the role of apostles today. Yes, we [...]

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Apostle in Original Context ( part 1 )

Have you ever wondered what the word "apostle" meant to those living in the time the New Covenant was written? I believe that understanding the original meaning and use of the word "apostle" will help bring clarity to the role of apostles today. Here are some things I have discovered: Before the New Covenant was [...]

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Three Priesthoods

Sometimes we are asked if we consider Christians to be "priests."    Three types of priesthoods are mentioned in the Scriptures:  – 2 on earth and 1 in heaven:  the Jewish Levitical, the Christian International, and the Heavenly Spiritual.  The truest priesthood is the spiritual one; that of Yeshua as our high priest in heavenly places [...]

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4 Keys for Resisting Sexual Sin

There are many accounts of sexual sin in the Bible and we can learn much from both the stories of success and those of failure. In my eyes, Joseph has one of the most inspiring victories over sexual temptation. By the time the seventeen year old Joseph was sold to Potiphar in Genesis 39, he [...]

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Three Goals of Apostolic/Prophetic Restoration

The issue of apostolic and prophetic ministry today raises much controversy, particularly when connected to the Messianic remnant in Jerusalem. Why is this so important? Three times the letter to the Ephesians makes reference to the work of "apostles and prophets." The first reference deals with laying foundations for the Church "Ecclesia" as the dwelling [...]

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Seven Models of Apostolic Teams

Much of the spiritual action in the Bible comes from the work of apostolic-prophetic teams. I have found seven types of apostolic teams which may serve as models for us today. Band of Evangelists – Yeshua's original group of twelve did not so much prophesy or start congregations. They shared the Gospel (and healed the [...]

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