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Does Israel Have a Distinct Place in the Age to Come?

One can see how only a pre-millennial view ties together these many passages and makes the symbolism more coherent. We also believe that there is an application of these same truths to every tribe, tongue and nation in the Millenium. The literal fulfillment of prophecies to the nation of Israel causes most Messianic Jews to embrace pre-millennialism—exactly what was believed by the Apostolic church for the first few centuries.

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Strategic USA Trip Recap

My trip in November began with meetings in Dallas, Texas with the International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders (ICAL), who represent thousands of churches. The fellowship was very good. Guy Cohen of Ketzir Asher in Acco attended with me. It was the first time that I was a plenary speaker. My [...]

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Biblical Standards for Divorce and Remarriage

Among those who believe in the Bible as our absolute standard, the issue of divorce and remarriage remains a particularly vexing problem. Different interpretations on how to understand the Bible’s teaching has produced very difficult divisions in the Body of the Messiah. The context of Yeshua's teaching on divorce and [...]

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